Give us your bio.

“Inspired by world and classical genres, and various styles of Metal, Homerik seeks to amaze audiences with large scale productions and interactive performances. With influences from Norse culture, Egypt, Spain, Eastern Asia and many more countries around the world, their music is approachable by all listeners whether they are devout fans of the Metal genre or not.

Homerik takes on an unusual role in Metal music. At the helm is our core trio: composer/lyricist Kenneth Candelas and lyricists Andrew Petriske and Obed Gonzalez. However, what lies within each piece is much more than that. Homerik’s debut album is better described as a major collaborative effort by friends and colleagues in and around New York City.

What Homerik seeks to accomplish is an opening statement to others. Unsatisfied with mainstream Metal and the massive number of “regurgitated” Metal, Homerik wants to invite others to look into the possibilities of Metal music. To see how such a brutal and extreme genre can become something so beautiful in a new, unique way.”

What is each of your names and how do you guys know each other?

“Homerik is comprised of three individuals: Obed Gonzalez, Ken Candelas, and Andrew Petriske. The project started in August 2014 with our lead lyricist Andrew and lead composer Ken. They officially included Obed in the group as a narrator, lyricist, and hype man in January of 2016.

Andrew was a co-worker of Ken’s at a local AMC movie theater. Ken had been working at AMC for 2 years before he met Andrew in December of 2013. Today, Obed has been friends with Andrew for more than 13 years. They met through a mutual friend, Konrad Cunningham, who had died several years ago from present day. Ken and Obed met upon a Gnashers-only online versus match in Gears of War 3.”


What made all of you want to start the band?

“Initially, Homerik was born between Ken and a friend from high school: guitarist Cory Boyle. In need of a vocalist, Ken reached out to Andrew. From that point on, Andrew and Ken fell in love with their creation and kept pushing forward. It wasn’t clearly defined at first what they were creating; they discovered that their unique sound was something that needed to be nurtured, and with time they felt that the metal community needed a change of scenery. Perhaps not just the metal community, but the people’s perception of modern day music.

Unsatisfied with mainstream music and its lack of true artistic value, Homerik made it their mission to turn the tides from traditional ways of exposing music to an independent powerhouse. Their combination of artwork, songwriting, and literature play an integral role together. Homerik would never be the same without all three.”


What are your top 5 influences?

“Homerik’s sonic texture is influenced by the likes of Hans Zimmer, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Nile, Cannibal Corpse, Nightwish, and many more. However, what lies underneath those musical influences is a much more family-rooted foundation. The members of the band will always agree that, above their musical influences, it is their close, emotional ties to family and brotherhood that make them pursue their passion; through hardship and many doubters.”

What is your goal for the future?

 “Homerik seeks to bring cultures together. That mission is perpetuated through the different ethnic styles of their art and music, such as: flamenco, eastern Asian music, native African tribal music, folk, celtic, Egyptian, Arabian, classical music, and more. This blend of culture and metal, with an underlying score the size of a Hollywood orchestra, brings about a sense of unity – one that is rarely seen in the metal community, nevertheless in popular music today.

Community to them is bigger than their work. In a world so divided, humanity needs to love each other more – not less. Eventually, they envision their project to have epic live performances with two synchronized stages of dancers, performers, and musicians. Their grand spectacle would be a show with Cirque du Soleil.”

What is one thing you want to tell your fans?

“Just get ready… well… I could say get ready, but you ain’t ready.” Says Obed with a chuckle, “Sit back, relax, and enjoy it. We love you guys!”